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All accounts have been reactivated.

The following is the important steps you will need to take to use your membership:

In-line with the current Public Health Order issued by the VIC Government, members are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide proof of medical exemption to access and train at our club.

How do I provide proof of my vaccination status?

Before your first visit back to the gym, we will need to sight your proof of vaccination, as per the current VIC Government guidelines. Your membership card/tag will not work until proof of vaccination has been sighted.

You will need to visit the club during staffed hours, so we can view your information and set your tag/card up to have access.  

Alternatively you can email the club:

For Werribee: info@inbalancefitness.com.au

For Altona Meadows: altona@inbalancefitness.com.au

Please note that we do not save these emails, once sighted they are deleted. Please ensure you use your full name (that we have on record at the club) and include your mobile number. 

Access will be updated during 'staffed hours' - if emailed outside of these hours.

You can also bring it with you on your first visit and the reception team will sight and activate your access tag/card. 

Due to the length of the lockdowns, along with the current Public Health Orders, we have made the decision to upgrade every member to 24 hour access. For all ‘staffed hours access only’ members you will be upgraded free to 24/7 access. Once you have presented your vaccine status, we will issue you a new card/tag for future entry.

For Werribee members accessing classes will no longer require a ticket from reception, bookings via the APP are no longer used, based on our visitation data we don't deem this is necessary at this time.

For those members that are unable to provide their proof of vaccination, please email sc@inbalancefitness.com.au  for the Werribee Club and altona@inbalancefitness.com.au  for the Altona Meadows Club and we will be able to suspend your account until you are able to attend. We are hoping that we will be able to welcome everyone back & will do without hesitation.

We additional have been working hard behind the scenes on a live streaming app. We are welcoming our members that do not have the ability to attend at moment, access to the Live Classes that will be available daily. As we will be launching this on reopening, this will be free to all members for the first month. There will be an email and information sent out to all members regarding the launch of this APP in the coming days!


Do I need to wear a mask?

You are no longer required to wear a mask! However it is recommended if you are unable to socially distance, but it is no longer a requirement. 

Who will be able to see my health information?

In viewing your vaccination status is for the sole purpose of validating it. Your data will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Do I need to book in my workout?

No, but you do need to swipe in with your access pass each time you enter the gym, and scan the Gov QR code.

What happens if there is a COVID-19 case in a club?

In Balance Fitness follows all State Government health recommendations and guidelines in relation to this matter. The Vic Health Department will inform us if an individual who visited our club has tested positive for COVID-19.

We understand what a difficult and trying time this has been for all Victorians, and the Health and Wellbeing of our members and staff is our top priority. We want our members and staff to be able to train in confidence and to leave the worry in the past! We will be following strict safety measures and cleaning protocols to ensure this can happen.

Rest assured we look forward to the day we do not have to implement these regulations and can be free from the stress this has put on everyone!





Upcoming Event

New Start Date - February 1, 2022!

The In Balance Fitness 8 Week Challenge!
You can enter by scanning the QR code above or simply go to


to enter.
$99 entry for Members or $199 entry for Non-Members.

- Challenge 'My Journey' Booklet
- 2 x Inbody scans (Start & End of the Challenge)
- An induction at the start, A program review at week 4 & Review at the end of Challenge.
- Personalised program
- 8 weeks full 24/7 access (for non members)
- Complimentary IBFHIT class
- Online support group

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Healthy made easy

Gym pricing the way it was meant to be. That means $0 joining fee and 100% transparency.

We’re not about hustling you into a membership and then forgetting you exist.

We’re about getting to know each one of you, catching up when you walk in, and making sure you’re enjoying yourself at our club.

In-Balance Fitness was built from the combined efforts of Fabian (a life-time fitness veteran), and Lyn (a hairdresser that knew nothing about fitness, and was actually trained by Fabian).

After 15 years in the business, they have built a wonderful community gym, that welcomes their members as part of their fitness family.

So they know what it’s like to be on both sides of the barbell. That’s how they made In-Balance such a well-balanced gym that caters to everyone.


Why join us?

Aside from being a 24-hour gym, being conveniently located, and transparently priced – here are 3 more reasons to join the family


Community driven

Energise your workout with good vibes at In-Balance Fitness. Not feeling it? Our family’s got you.


For everyone

Pop in your earphones and break some PB’s. Or join a class and learn the ropes. You’re all welcome!


Member benefits

Take part in our monthly draws, taste testing nights, and other fun goodies (there’s something for everyone).

Our Services

If you’re after more than just weight lifting, check out what else you can do at In-Balance Fitness:

Werribee Services


Group exercise

Make exercise fun and power through an intense workout as a class or relax your mind and body with a yoga or meditation class.


Personal training

Learn fitness fundamentals or find out how to break your plateaus and reach your goals.


IB FHIT classes

Based on functional movements, Olympic lifting and Gymnastics, these classes will challenge you to reach the next level. Addictive, challenging workout.


Remedial therapy

Book an appointment with a qualified remedial massage therapist.

Altona Meadows Services


24 Hour Gym Access


Personal Training

Options for everyone from $11.95* p/w

  • Bronze

  • Gold


Our pricing

No hidden fees. No hidden contracts. What you see, is what you pay. Have any questions? Feel free to ask.

Altona Meadows


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about In-Balance Fitness

I have been a member at Inbalance fitness for a while now, I continue to stay with Inbalance fitness because it is somewhere I feel 100% supported and encourage to reach my goals. I have watched the gym grow over the last few years into an incredible business with things to offer anyone at any fitness level. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining a gym or who just wants to try something new to head down to Inbalance and try it out

Abby Renee


Simply put, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The team at In Balance Fitness are friendly, relaxed and professional. Great value for money too. Danny always makes you feel at home and is always a pleasure to catch-up with.

Marios Mardapittas

Great gym, quality equipment and friendly staff! Better than all the other gyms in this area by a long shot and with the benefit of being easily accessible by public transport. Definitely recommend this gym to anybody wondering about it.

Theo Moon

Registrations & Partnerships

Contact Us

Please note that phone calls will not be available during lockdown. 

All accounts are placed on hold and when restrictions lift we will reply to emails upon returning to the office.

Thank you for your patience.


Werribee (Head Office): 1-3 Manly St, Werribee Vic 3030

Altona Meadows: B01 / 390 Queen St, (Cnr Queen & Merton St) Altona Meadows Vic 3028


Werribee: 03 9741 2686

Altona Meadows: 03 9315 7338


Werribee:  sales@inbalancefitness.com.au

Altona Meadows:  altona@inbalancefitness.com.au

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